“My background is in aeronautical and space engineering. Until 2015, I worked for ASSYSTEM where I started as a Mechanical Engineer and gradually evolved towards the position of Business Unit and Innovation Manager. Thanks to my experience as the Engineering and Innovation Director for FIVES CINETIC, I have built up a useful set of skills to become Ananké President.”

 His role:

  • Supervising all operations and readjust long-term orientations,
  • Setting and handling the commercial, financial, managerial and technical strategy,
  • Taking strategic financial steps to make Ananké an expanding company.


What can be said about him ?

“Authoritative and demanding, Brice embodies the iron fist in the velvet glove. That said, his employees’ well-being also remains one of his top priorities to reach a friendly working environment.”

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Ingénieur ESTIN, j’ai rejoint ASSYSTEM au sein du secteur énergie et j’ai travaillé pour GE sur des postes de gestion d'affaires, d'ingénieur qualité et de coordinateur technique. Avant la création d’Ananké, j’étais responsable R&D et d’un Bureau d’Etude de 80 personnes pour Assystem.

Chief Executive Officer

“ESTIN engineer, I joined ASSYSTEM in the energy sector and I worked for GE in business management, quality engineering and technical coordinator positions. Before Ananké’s creation, I was the R&D manager for Assystem and in charge of a design office of 80 people.”

His role:

  • Defining strategic orientations and profitability objectives,
  • Fulfilling all obligations related to the employer’s position,
  • Ensuring budgetary and financial management.


What can be said about him ?

“Thibaut is a trustworthy person we can rely on. His pragmatism and knowledge of new technologies related to energy efficiency make him an essential manager to achieve Ananké’s objectives.”

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Après un master d’Ingénierie Thermique et Energie, j’ai obtenu mon diplôme de Docteur spécialité énergétique. Les machines à apport de chaleur externe modulable, la mécanique des fluides compressibles et les transferts de chaleur sont mes domaines de prédilection.

Technical Director

“After a master’s degree in Thermal and Energy Engineering, I obtained my PhD in Energy Engineering. The externally heated valve engines, compressible fluids mecanics and heat transfer are my specialities.”

His role:

  • Studying the projects’ technical reliability,
  • Setting up the necessary means for implementation,
  • Supervising and organising the production and technical teams.


What can be said about him ?

“Pierre is not content to simply achieve his objectives. He is committed to putting the best of himself into it. He is a straightforward person and consistent with his professional ambitions and human values.”

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Ayant un master d’Ingénierie Thermique et Energie, je réalise une thèse sur la réalisation et modélisation d’une machine Ericsson. Mes recherches mais aussi mes différentes expériences, m’ont permis de développer et de conforter mes compétences informatiques et techniques.

Innovation Director

I am currently completing my master’s degree in thermal and energy engineering with a PhD thesis on Ericsson machine design and modelling. My research and various experiences gave me the ability to develop and strengthen both my IT and technical skills.

His role:

  • Matching innovation projects with organizational and financial needs,
  • Carrying out a technical survey and steer the company’s technical developments,
  • Leading the R&D activity to develop a wider range of products


What can be said about him ?

“Mathieu is definitively the most passionate and spontaneous of us. His technical knowledge may make some of the greatest historians pale in comparison. He is a perfect combination of pragmatism and intuition.”

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Mechanical Engineer

“Doctor in Mechanics specialized in design and simulation, my experiences as a mechanical calculation engineer and as a teacher have provided me all the keys necessary to put my skills into practice.”

His role:

  • Inspecting the need defined in the specifications,
  • Carrying out studies and design of mechanical elements in compliance with safety requirements and reliability objectives,
  • Providing technical support for the selection and qualification of mechanical parts suppliers.


What can be said about him ?

“His passion is his job and he shares it with enthusiasm. Timothée would certainly dream of reincarnating as an engine. His external point of view combined with his experience is a real added value.”

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Business Developer

“After a scientific baccalaureate, I chose to directly step into working life and learn by doing. With ten years of experience in many fields, I had the opportunity to convert to the import/export and marketing/communication fields.”

Her role:

  • Developing the company’s identity as well as public relations,
  • Developing and appropriating sales arguments in relation to product marketing,
  • Guiding and detecting growth opportunities for the company.


What can be said about her ?

“Sensible, pleasant and endowed with an excellent interpersonal skill, she is good at networking. Her personality is a great mix of requirement and performance.”

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Numerical Simulation Engineer

“Before obtaining my engineering degree in numerical simulation engineering, I‘ve done my end-of-studies internship at Ananké. At no time, did I hesitate to join Ananké team. It’s very challenging and it makes me push myself beyond what I am already able to do.”

His role:

  • Carrying out the technical documentation for further development and production,
  • Defining test scenarios and their test benches and execute development tests,
  • Analyzing results, writing test reports and handling discrepancies corrections.

What can be said about him ?

“Aleksandar is curious and hard-working. Plus, he always seeks the best possible result.

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Control Engineer

“With a PhD in automatic control in my pocket, I was eager to work on a project both stimulating and in line with my values. Ananké does not only meet my personal expectations but is also in line with my professional ambition.”


His role:

  • Making functional analysis of subsystems and splitting them into elementary functions,
  • Setting and optimizing the controlled systems laws,
  • Taking part in integration tests and interpreting the results.


What can be said about him ?

 “Mohamad is an ambitious and persistent man. One of his utmost qualities is that his hunger for challenge does not taint his kindness. When it comes to solidarity and sharing, we definitively can count on him.”

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2008: An idea is born

This year was a turning point in terms of performances for the start-up development: hiring, strategic collaborations and new energy efficiency service. Several achievements such as the Réseau Entreprendre labeling and the ADEME i-Nov contest victory reveal Ananké’s willingness to be a sustainably part of the energy transition.

2015: Welcome to Energine

On October 14th, after seven years of hard work, the Ministries of Economy, Labour and the SYNTEC Federation awarded the National Engineering Award. The team, in partnership with the FEMTO-ST Institute, were rewarded for their innovative spirits and determination for the E.H.V.E creation. This new technology perfectly embeds the energy mix by directly influencing energy production and consumption.

2017: Ananké is here

On September 22nd, Brice Bryon, Thibaut Cartigny, Pierre Ranc and Mathieu Doubs founded Ananké. The main objective is to give industrialists the opportunity to include the energy transition in their strategies while boosting the innovation/competitiveness combination.. The Externally Heated Valve Engine (E.H.V.E) developed by Ananké is used for cogeneration. This technology makes it possible to convert wasted heat – known as “fatal heat” – into a useful source of energy.

2019: The turning point

This year was a turning point in terms of performances for the start-up development: hiring, strategic collaborations and new setting up of ETNA a fume diagnostic service. Several achievements such as the Réseau Entreprendre labeling and the ADEME i-Nov contest victory reveal Ananké’s willingness to be a sustainably part of the energy transition.


Track record

Concours i-Nov de l'ADEME

L'innovation technologique brevetée développée par Ananké a permis à la start-up d'être labellisée Jeune Entreprise Innovante en 2017. L'entreprise enrichit ainsi le terreau des Territoires d'Industries.

Jeune Entreprise Innovante

Le réalisme et l'innovation du projet ont permis a Ananké de devenir lauréat du Réseau Entreprendre. Une labellisation qui permet à l'entreprise de bénéficier d'un accompagnement personnalisé, d'un prêt d'honneur et d'une visibilité accrue.


Véritable levier pour l'innovation énergétique et accélérateur de développement, la victoire du concours i-Nov de l'ADEME permet à la start-up de bénéficier de 300 000 euros pour clôturer le financement nécessaire au développement du premier écocompresseur Keos et son installation sur site.

Concours i-Nov de l'ADEME

Finaliste CleanTech OpenFrance

Tech in Fab

Fonds Maugis