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Etna quantifies industrial thermal waste from furnaces, boilers or internal combustion engines. With this solution, you are now able to measure, record, analyse and understand your thermal waste.

How to make the most of your waste heat?

The rejects valorisation necessarily requires to know more about them. In the first instance, a monitoring measures service brings forward a global vision of the data collected, which are also available online.

At the end of the measurement campaign, you will receive a detailed report on the fumes’ composition (oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur…), the flow rate determination, the temperature measurement and the power loss calculation.


ΣTNA in figures :


  • Temperature : from 100 °C to 1000 °C
  • Flow rate : from 4 Nm3/h to 90668 Nm3/h
  • Smokestack diameter : from 80 mm to 1440 mm
  • Dimensions : L 400mm x l 200mm x h 400mm
Outil unique en France, Etna permet le diagnostic de valorisation de la chaleur fatale industrielle.



A single box includes all the instrumentation elements to make its integration on your smokestack easily. This straightforward installation requires only two connections: a first one to the electrical network and another one to a wireless network.

Consult in live the data completeness collected throughout the measurement period thanks to the platform developed by Ananké. Your unique and secure client account, created as soon as the device is installed, guarantees confidentiality.

Using Etna may be eligible for financial assistance within the framework of an energy audit or an energy efficiency project. Identified as a high value-added solution by ADEME and AER, your company can benefit from financing of up to 70%.


*depending on eligibility criteria here



70% of your energy bill ends up in smoke!

Our simulator allows a free and non-binding estimation.


Get an insight of your smoke recovery potential.

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