Ingénieur Chef de Projet H/F

Le chef de projet coordonne les projets R&D ainsi que les projets d’assistance à maîtrise d’œuvre auprès des clients. Il pilote des projets de mise en service de systèmes valorisant la chaleur fatale industrielle en s’appuyant sur les compétences de l’équipe technique. Rigoureux, organisé et doté de bonnes aptitudes relationnelles, il assure l’interface entre les clients, l’équipe projet et les fournisseurs.

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You are enthusiastic, autonomous, creative and pragmatic? Ananké is looking for you! The values and skills of Ananké’s women and men stand at the heart of our performance.

Ananké, a young and innovative company created in September 2017, is dedicated to energy efficiency.

As the energy mix is leading manufacturers to reconsider their models, Ananké is consolidating its position as an innovative player in cogeneration.


To achieve this, we design, manufacture and implement an external heat transfer engine to recover waste heat and convert it into electricity.

We want to act for the environment, hopeful for the future: through research, we offer technologically advanced, energy-efficient, profitable, sober and sustainable solutions.

The diversity and complementarity of teams is a key factor in the success of our company. Everyone enriches collective action, so let’s contribute together for a more sustainable world.

Do you share this positive vision? Be bold and become one of the builders of a new energy era. Join the movement.