On January 23rd, Ananké took part in the Bar de l’économie, a Paris based radio program. The startup has seized the opportunity to spread its vision and interact with other executives.

One broadcast, two highlights:

1/ Oxfam’s annual report, retirement age, purchasing power and France’s position towards the Brexit… many topics broached during this round table.

2/ CEOs’ introduction:

>> Joël Boutier, Mayor of Groslay

>> Jacques Schaffnit, President of Adova

>> Alexis Poughon, Business Development Manager of Moniwan

>> Brice Bryon, President of Ananké

Putting forward his perspectives, ambitions and obstacles, each business executive has been asked to share his company’s aims.

Brice Bryon promoted Ananké and definitely rose interest by enhancing its technology from its creation to upcoming projects. Thereafter, a debate on the issues of fatal heat recovery endorsed the startup’s function: Ananké stands, for sure, as a strategic actor in the energy transition.

In light of the increasing demand of manufacturers wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, Ananké triggers the essential levers keep going on its development by looking for, for instance, new resources.

To (re)see the cast, click here