On February 5th, Ananké hosted the Rendez-vous de la Mécanique. This time it was focused on energy efficiency as a boost for competitiveness. Throwback to a Cetim event.


Two highlights during this day:

1/ Attendees’ introduction:

Nowadays, companies’ development may be slow down by technical development and financial strategy.

Some specialized and complementary firms hold the keys to way out these issues. Owing to their skills and support, many companies move forward to their development.

For this event, were present:

>> Public and State Authorities –  CETIM, ADEME, CCI Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Agence Economique Régionale

>> Cluster – Vallée de l’Energie

>> Laboratory – FEMTO ST

Goal of this presentation: shedding the light on support levers for companies in order to overcome obstacles.

2/ Ananké’s engine zoom:

President of the start-up, Brice Bryon made it clear about the external heat transfer engine developed by his team. The audience got really interested in engine’s technology functioning and profitability.

The engine demonstration closed that event: a great occasion for Ananké to measure interests shown for its cogenerator.

For the first time, Ananké’s team made a tour of the laboratory.