New collaborations highlighted 2019. Among them, Cohesium’s one was highly fruitful. Details of the strategic points of this support.

Cohesium is a company specialized in development consulting. Its motto? Upgrade their partners’ overall performance. To achieve this goal, Cohesium follows up companies in the implementation of development strategies all along the belt of skills.

For Ananké, this strategic partnership was built on four cornerstones:

>> Benchmarking: Undertaking competitive intelligence to ensure the strategic positioning and target qualified prospects,

>> Business model: Studying of the different possibilities of financing the product (engine’s sale, leasing, utilities’ sale),

>> Communication: Pondering the essential elements for any commercial communication (flyer, website, emailing),

>> Commercial offer: Analysing of a formal proposal basics (commercial, technical and legal aspects).

This collaboration allows the implementation of strategic actions that are part of the startup’s commercial deployment. Ananké takes one step at a time to extend its actions’ area and consolidate its position as a player in the energy transition.