This year was full of new collaborations. Among them, the partnership with Cristel was especially interesting. Let’s learn more about this project.

Le mois de juin signe une nouvelle collaboration entre Ananké et Cristel pour un projet de valorisation de chaleur fatale.When it comes to ecological transition, Cristel, a top-of-the-range saucepans manufacturer in Fesches-le-Châtel (Doubs), is the perfect role model to follow in someone steps. Its recipe for success: excellence and innovation are at the heart of its DNA.

For more than 30 years, the company relentlessly works to further boost its production while reducing its environmental footprint. Cristel is now looking for tackle fatal heat recovery and sought Ananké’s expertise to do so.

The start-up has implemented Etna, a unique French measurement equipment, which enables to accurately identify the smoke recovery potential. A multi-week measurement campaign was carried out to ensure the reliability of the data collected. The analysis of flow rate, lost power and temperature variations confirmed Keos implementation feasibility to recover the fatal heat into compressed air and useful heat. The project will soon be the subject of a green loan study by the government.

Due to their ecological awareness, industrialists increasingly place energy performance as a necessary part of their dynamization. One step at a time, Ananké becomes a major stakeholder in the green economy.

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