On January 18th, Ananké took part into the Maghreb Country Day organized by the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry Burgundy FrancheComté. An opportunity for the startup to establish new business contacts in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.


Qualitative interviews with:

>> Algeria, local contact: Halim AMMAR KHODJA (Deputy Director of the AlgerianFrench Chamber of Commerce of Industry)

>> Morocco, local contact: Faiza HACHKAR (Head of France of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco)

>> Tunisia, local contact: Habib GAÏDA (Director General of the TunisianFrench Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Objective of the event: understanding expectations and highlighting potential developments for the startup.

Focus on: energyclimate policy, country’s growth sectors and infrastructures. 


>> The production and exportation of fossil fuels and electricity allow Algeria to be energy selfsufficient.

Notice: Wind power, hydrogen and biomass hold a relatively tiny part despite the abundance of agricultural lands.

>> Morocco is very dependent and imports its energies from Algeria, Spain and Russia.

Notice: The country is focusing its development on energy transition facilities; solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric power plants are becoming increasingly important.

>> Tunisia also imports all its energy, which represents 1/3 of its trade balance deficit.

Notice: With a renewable energy production rate of 5%, the country has created the National Agency for Energy Management to accelerate technologies dedicated to the energy transition.

As signatories to the Paris Agreement, these North African countries are setting their policies on the path of transition and the energy mix. Design offices, financial assistance, simplified customs procedures… all these tools are here to enable collaboration and support the ecoresponsible industry.

Notice: Ananké plans to implement its ecogenerator in Africa. Why? To stand by these countries to support democratization of energy efficiency.

To be continued…