Ananké leads CETIM-CERTEC on the road to fatal heat.

The company Ananké and its president Brice Bryon have collaborated with CETIMCERTEC services to accelerate the industrialization process and thus the marketing of their innovative engine.

After producing a prototype to demonstrate the concept, Ananké, an expert in thermodynamics, contacted CETIM-CERTEC to optimize the “mechanical” heat recovery system. Conducted, within CETIM-CERTEC, by a mechanical engineer specialized in engines, this collaboration aims to develop a mechanically innovative system and to support the development of the product from the dimensioning to the tests on the prototype that will be carried out. The current collaboration is planned over a period of 1 year, but the scale of Ananké’s development project makes it possible to envisage an expansion of the exchanges between Ananké and CETIM-CERTEC beyond the current topic.

This project is financially supported by ADEME, BPI and Vallée de l’ énergie.

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