In one year, the family of the start-up has grown with the hiring of four people on permanent full-time contracts. Introduction of the Team Ananké.

Thibaut CARTIGNY, Chief Executive Officer:

ESTIN engineer, I joined ASSYSTEM in the energy sector and I worked for GE in business management, quality engineering and technical coordinator positions. Before Ananké’s creation, I was the R&D manager for Assystem and in charge of a design office of 80 people.”

>> His role:

Defining strategic orientations and profitability objectives,
Fulfilling all obligations related to the employer’s position,
Ensuring budgetary and financial management.

>> Colleagues say about him that:

Thibaut is a trustworthy person we can rely on. His pragmatism and knowledge of new technologies related to energy efficiency make him an essential manager to achieve Ananké’s objectives.”

Pierre RANC, Technical Director:

After a master’s degree in Thermal and Energy Engineering, I obtained my PhD in Energy Engineering. The externally heated valve engines, compressible fluids mecanics and heat transfer are my specialities.

>> His role:

Studying the projects’ technical reliability,
Setting up the necessary means for implementation,
Supervising and organising the production and technical teams.

>> Colleagues say about him that:

“Pierre is not content to simply achieve his objectives. He is committed to putting the best of himself into it. He is a straightforward person and consistent with his professional ambitions and human values.”

Timothée ZUSSY, Mechanical Engineer:

Doctor in Mechanics specialized in design and simulation, my experiences as a mechanical calculation engineer and as a teacher have provided me all the keys necessary to put my skills into practice.

>> His role:

Inspecting the need defined in the specifications,
Carrying out studies and design of mechanical elements in compliance with safety requirements and reliability objectives,
Providing technical support for the selection and qualification of mechanical parts suppliers.

>> Colleagues say about him that:

“His passion is his job and he shares it with enthusiasm. Timothée would certainly dream of reincarnating as an engine. His external point of view combined with his experience is a real added value.”

Pauline PEJSMANN, Business Developer:

After a scientific baccalaureate, I chose to directly step into working life and learn by doing. With ten years of experience in many fields, I had the opportunity to convert to the import/export and marketing/communication fields.

>> Her role:

Developing the company’s identity as well as public relations,
Developing and appropriating sales arguments in relation to product marketing,
Guiding and detecting growth opportunities for the company.

>> Colleagues say about her that:

Sensible, pleasant and endowed with an excellent interpersonal skill, she is good at networking. Her personality is a great mix of requirement and performance.”

Engineer, technician, sales representative…. Ananké is always looking for women and men willing to invest in energy efficiency.

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