Today, the energy mix requires changes for manufacturers. When it comes to energy transition, Ananké clearly stands as an innovative and strategic industrialist.



Initiative and determination are at the heart of the development of an activity. To achieve this goal, some companies can benefit from specific support. A CEO may be for sure the best support for a start-up. The DNA of Réseau Entreprendre is to support companies in their development thanks to the entrepreneurship. Owing to their interpersonal skills and experience, business executives pass on the keys of success to their peers. Key figure: the sustainability rate of the companies selected by Réseau Entreprendre reaches 90% at 5 years!

For more than 30 years, Réseau Entreprendre has been promoting job creation and the emergence of SMEs in France and abroad. The association gathers a network of 14,000 business leaders, which are essential in this process of mutual assistance for managers.

His motto?  “Let’s create today the employers who will recruit tomorrow”.


On October 18, 2018, after a thorough presentation putting forward its vision and business plan, the members of the Commitment Committee were convinced by the realism and innovation of the project.This labelling offers Ananké the opportunity to benefit from:

  • A personalized support: a company director advises the start-up for the development of its activity
  • A €40k honorary loan: in addition to the budget, this amount is dedicated to the industrialization of the startup’s engine
  • Visibility at Réseau Entreprendre events: networking events, meetings with executives, “The Biennal of Réseau Entreprendre” and the setting up of Workplace on Facebook. Many ways to promote a specific community in order to create trustful relationships between executives


The alliance between industry and ecology stands as a successful key for the energy industry. With a passionate team and a wide range of technical skills, Ananké is definitely here to support the energy transition.