On October 25, 2018, the university UFR STGI organized the energy transition mornings. This time it was focused on housing and energy transition. An opportunity for Ananké to take part in this interaction.


Ananké joined the round table to talk about the obligations, opportunities and obstacles related to individual and collective housing when it comes to energy transition. A great occasion for the startup to introduce its innovative technology: converting the fatal heat into useful energy.

Two highlights during this morning:

1/ An academic session for a better understanding of the energy transition context:

>> Work on household behaviour related to energy transition policies in the housing sector

>> French and European regulations on energy efficiency and buildings

>> Trigeneration and hydrogen issues (electricity, heat and cooling)

>> Shed light on the legal issues related to thermal regulations

The opportunity to mention legal issues to improve understanding of the energyclimate policies.

2/ Round table interactions:

What solutions to support the energy mix?

>> Principle of cogeneration (heat + electricity)

 >> Trigeneration principle (heat + electricity + cooling)

>> Natural gas microcogeneration technologies tested in the laboratory and on pilot sites (fuel cell, engine, Stirling, etc.)

>> Calls for proposal (TIGA + ECOCAMPUS)

Many projects illustrate the ambition to create synergies using a wide range of resources. For sure, environment and energy efficiency are at the heart of the industry’s motto.