Over the past few months, the workforce of the start-up is twice as more important. Fresh hires and work-study contracts: focus on the new members of the Ananké family.

Embauches et alternances : présentation des nouveaux talents ayant intégré Ananké en 2020




Aleksandar STOSIC, Numerical Simulation Engineer:

Before obtaining my engineering degree in numerical simulation engineering, I‘ve done my end-of-studies internship at Ananké. At no time, did I hesitate to join Ananké team. It’s very challenging and it makes me push myself beyond what I am already able to do.

>> His role:

Carrying out the technical documentation for further development and production,
Defining test scenarios and their test benches and execute development tests,
Analysing results, writing test reports and handling discrepancies corrections.

>> What can be said about him?

“Aleksandar is curious and hard-working. Plus, he always seeks the best possible result.”

Mohamad SLEIMAN, Control Engineer:

With a PhD in automatic control in my pocket, I was eager to work on a project both stimulating and in line with my values. Ananké does not only meet my personal expectations but is also in line with my professional ambition.”

>> His role:

Making functional analysis of subsystems and splitting them into elementary functions,
Setting and optimizing the controlled systems laws,
Taking part in integration tests and interpreting the results.

>> What can be said about him?

“Mohamad is an ambitious and persistent man. One of his utmost qualities is that his hunger for challenge does not taint his kindness. When it comes to solidarity and sharing, we definitively can count on him.”


Florine VEBER, Apprentice Thermodynamic & Fluidic Engineer:

I’ve decided to join the Ananké team to complete my Thermal and Energy Engineering course. I can thus combine theory with practice and be a part of a company that is strongly committed to the environment.

>> Her role:

Carrying out thermal and fluidic numerical simulations,
Taking part in in-situ measurement tests,
Identifying areas for thermal improvements.

>> What can be said about her?

“Curious and single-minded, Florine never spares any effort. In addition to providing her tools to develop her skills, we also have the mission to give her sufficiently confidence in her abilities.”

Cyril PINNA, Technical Sales Representative:

Working for Ananké is a one-off opportunity. I can take advantage of my 5 years of studies to support a cause I care about and, on the other hand, I can get practical training. Above all, I need my professional actions to be in keeping with my personal values.

>>  His role:

Contributing to the commercial policy: strategic monitoring, commercial action plans, offer establishment,
Analyzing customer’s needs and translating the specifications to the technical department,
Developing a specific customer portfolio: new customers prospection and retention and objectives follow-up.

>> What can be said about him?

Cyril is an ambitious and determined man. His good listening skills and his important insights are essential resources required for the successful company’s development.

Ananké is actively committed to academic institutions and welcomes with open arms trainees from all backgrounds year-round. Its mission: taking part in the professional and personal students’ future so they turn into builders for a greener world.

Engineer, technician…: Ananké is always on the lookout for women and men who are willing to actively get involved in energy efficiency.

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