Société Alsacienne, basée à Issenheim dans le Haut Rhin (68), Alsaflam étudie et fabrique à la demande des équipements thermiques destinés à équiper des processus industriels. L’entreprise propose une gamme de brûleurs à gaz industriels haute performance qui répondent aux besoins d’Ananké.

All eyes on the final lab tests before Keos first implementation. To meet this challenge, the company relies on Alsaflam’s expertise. Alsaflam is an Alsatian company based in Issenheim in the Upper Rhine (68). The company designs and manufactures on request thermal equipment destinated to equip industrial process. A qualitative range of high-performance industrial gas […]

Cleantech Open France 2020

Sélectionnée parmi 138 candidats, Ananké est finaliste de la 11ème édition du concours Cleantech Open France, véritable accélérateur du développement.

Selected among 138 contestants, Ananké is one of the 11th contest finalists organised by Cleantech Open France.     The Cleantech Open program, originally launched by the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), holds the world’s biggest annual innovation and technology contest. Its purpose: identifying, financing and supporting the most outstanding eco-innovative start-ups. This entity implies […]


In one year, the family of the start-up has grown with the hiring of four people on permanent full-time contracts. Introduction of the Team Ananké. Thibaut CARTIGNY, Chief Executive Officer: “ESTIN engineer, I joined ASSYSTEM in the energy sector and I worked for GE in business management, quality engineering and technical coordinator positions. Before Ananké’s […]

i-Nov contest

Selected among the 126 regional SME and ETI, Ananké won the i–Nov contest organised by ADEME. 1/ I-NOV: A LEVER FOR ENERGY INNOVATION… This competition financed by the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA) involves: >> Three purposes: Support innovative projects led by start-up and SME Promote the emergence of leading companies in their field that can […]


moteur de valorisation de chaleur fatale industrielle permettant la production simultanée de chaleur utile et d'air comprimé ou d'électricité.

Compressed air is an essential and expensive energy consumed in large quantities in industries with high fatal heat emissions. Ananké decides therefore to expand its products range in order to respond effectively its customers’ needs. Focus on its new product: KΣOS. NEW OBSERVATION: Depending on the type of industry, using compressed air represents up to […]